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Centrada Solutions is a Technology Services company which specializes in serving Hotels, Hotel Owners, and Hotel Management Companies. Our mission is to deliver the technology our clients need, when they need it, for a reasonable price. We assist our clients in making smart technology investments.

Centrada understands that each of our clients is unique and have specific technology requirements. We use our years of experience in both Hospitality Operations and Hospitality Technology to create solutions that enable our clients to operate more efficiently and profitably. We are your Technology Partner.

Why Use Centrada?

Remaining competitive in today's business environment requires the use of increasingly complex technologies. In addition, the cost of purchasing, implementing, and maintaining the systems you depend on has gone up dramatically in recent years. This is where Centrada adds value.

EXPERIENCE - Centrada's associates are highly skilled technology professionals who understand the hospitality business. We know how to minimize the costs associated with hospitality technology.

SIMPLIFICATION - Centrada simplifies the implementation of systems within your organization. We take the confusing jargon of technology and put it into everyday terms that make sense to hospitality operators. We provide you with options that will work in your environment. You can then make the decisions that are the best fit for your operation.

COST REDUCTION - There is no longer a need to hire permanent IT staff to be able to select, implement, or upgrade systems. Centrada is there to provide these resources when needed. Using Centrada has the added benefit of allowing your already over-stretched IT staff to focus on their core responsibilities.

Let Us Help You

We are only a phone call away. Contact us today for a "no obligation" analysis of your needs. We will work with you to satisfy your technology requirements for today and for tomorrow.

Centrada Solutions, Simplifying Technology!

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