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Centrada Solutions is an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) to the Hospitality industry.



Analyze our client’s needs and deliver the IT Systems, Services, and Support they need, when

they need them, at a reasonable cost.


Centrada was founded in 2005 by hospitality veterans Steve Woodward and Franklin Gentry.  With over 30 years of experience operating Hotels and managing the Technologies which run them, Woodward and Gentry saw a need for Hospitality Professionals able to manage the large variety of diverse systems required to keep a hotel running.


Today Centrada employs over 100 full time employees stationed across the US.  The company provides services to over 1,200 client hotels in 49 States, Washington DC, Canada, and the Caribbean.


The most common non-technical question we hear is, “What does Centrada mean?”

During the founding of the company, the goal was to find a name which would represent the mission of the company.  Centrada is actually the contraction of two Latin words, Censum and Trado.  When loosely translated, those words mean, Analyze and Deliver…Centrada was born!